We are studying phase separation, gelation, sol-gel transition of polymer gels. The following is a list of on-going and recent projects.
On-going research:

Structure and Properties of Tetra-PEG gels (Collaboration with Prof. Chung-Sakai Group, Bioengineering Group, U. Tokyo)
Structure, deformation mechanism, and dynamics of nano composite gels (collaboration with Dr. Haraguchi, Kawamura Research Institute)
Structural analysis of thermosets (collaboration with Sumitomo Bakelite Co.)
Structure of fuel cells (collaboration with Toyota Motor Co.)
Structure of Skin and hair (collaboration with Kao Co.)
Structure, deformation, and dynamics of slide ring gels (collaboration with K. Ito Lab., U. Tokyo, H. Endo, JAEA, Prof. Richter, Juelich, Germany)
Precision structural analyses of soft matter with contrast variation methods.
Ordered structures in water/organic solvent/salt mixtures (collaboration with Prof. Seto Group, KEK)
Ionic gels (collaboration with Prof. Watanabe Group, Yokohama National U.)
Polymers in supercritical carbon dioxide.

Recent Investigations:

Structure transitions of thermosensitive block copolymer solutions.
Phase transitions of block copolymer solutions (Aoshima Lab., Osaka U.)
Swelling, microstructure, and dynamics of polymer gels with hydrophobic side groups.
Comparison of gamma-ray cross-linked gels and chemically cross-linked gels.
Phase behavior of polymer gels at high pressures.
Pressure-induced phase separation, volume-phase transition.
Structure and dynamics of slide ring gels.
Gelators (collaboration with Hanabusa Lab., Shinshu U.)
Gemulsion (microemulsion in gels) Molecular chaperon (collaboration with Akiyoshi Lab., Tokyo Medical U.)
Structure and dynamics of polyglutamic acid.
Pressure-induced microphase separation of block copolymer aqueous solutions (collaboration with Aoshima Lab.,Osaka U.)
Structure, deformation, and dynamics of nanocomposite gels (collaboration with Haraguchi Lab., Kawamura Res. Inst.)
Structure and swelling behavior of charged gels
Dynamics of ionic liquids (collaboration with Watanabge Lab., Yokohama National U.)
Structural invesitigation of polyolefin
shake gels
Nonuniformity of natural rubbers (collaboration with Ikeda Lab., KIT and Prof. Hsiao, Stonybrook U.)

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