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July 15, 2011: Restoration in progress

Neutron scattering instruments owned by ISSP, U. Tokyo, Tohoku U, and Kyoto U. at JRR-3, JAEA, Tokai, were damaged by North-East Japan Earthquake (Mar. 11, 2011) are now under restoration. Ventiation of the Reactor Hall and Guide Hall was recovered on May 12. Since then, we checked dameges of instruments one by one and fixed the problems. Most of the instruments seem to be fine without serious damage. Restration of the JRR-3 building and related infrastructure will be finished by October, followed by inspection to reissue the licence. We expect that JRR-3 will start to operate next Feburary.
See, for the details at NLS-ISSP-Annoucement (Japanese only).

Mar. 13, 2011: Earthquake and condolence messages

As you may learn from TV or some other media, Tohoku district (Northern part of Main Island of Japan) was attacked by a series of very big earthquakes. The first and biggest one was of magnitude 9.0 at 14:46, March 11, 2011. I was in downtown Tokyo and was attending an important meeting of JAEA. The earthquake attacked Japan several times. Whenever it came, we were evacuated to open space near Parliament Buildings. Many skyscrapers were shaking. Just after it, all trains stopped. Because of it, more than a few hundred thousands people lost their ways to home and stayed in Tokyo as refugees, and I was one of them. I stayed overnight at Koshiba Hall, U. Tokyo. On March 10, I safely returned home, but it took me more than 5 hours instead of 40 min.

I am receiving damage reports from Tokai Area, where JRR-3 Research Reactor and J-PARC pulse neutron source are located. So far, these facilities were not suffered from tunami, but by earthquakes. But, the lifeline in Tokai Village has been cut up until now. Fortunately, JRR-3 was under inspection stage and was not in operation, but some instruments were damaged. Instruments in JRR-3 seem to be lightly damaged, but we have no idea the main frame of the reactor and guide line. J-PARC also got some damages, which are under investigation.

On this occasion, I received many condolence messages from all over the world. I thank you very much. I and my family are fine, but I am sorry that there are many people lost their home and/or family. They are still terrified by possible attacks of earthquake and/or tsunami. Even in Kashiwa, we still have small earthquakes many times a day. They do not have lifeline and wait for rescue. Hence, I wish to forward all of the condolence messages to those. Thank you again for your warm condolence messages. Mitsu

Dec. 29, 2010: Welcome to New M. Shibayama Home Page.

This home page was lauched in 1994, and this is the fifth major revision made on Dec. 28, 2010, after 5 year-use of the previous one. This home page is aimed to broadcast the activities of M. Shibyama to public, to share the common intersts, and to exchange ideas between friends.
Anybody is welcome to visit this home page, and your comments and suggestions are most welcome.
Best regards.
M. Shibayama